Enter AOTM Mix ID:

I'm a big fan of, where one can enter a track listing and get a PDF file that can be printed out and folded up to make a simple CD case. I thought it would be cool to automate the process of printing out cases for AOTM mixes.

The only tough part is that you have to enter the numeric "Mix ID," which can be found in the address area of your browser when you're viewing a mix listing on AOTM. For example "31596" is the Mix ID in the address (URL) below:

Once you've entered a Mix ID in the input field above, click the "Create CD case" button, and (hopefully) your browser will be sent a PDF file. If your browser can't handle PDF files, you may want to download Adobe Acrobat software.

If you have encounter a problem, you can send me details, and I'll see what I can do. Comments and suggestions are welcome.

Only CD mixes are supported; cassette mixes will not turn out well.

Long track lists may get truncated. I don't know what the actual maximum is.

The trickiest part of folding up the paper CD case is getting your printer to print at the correct size. You may need to tweak the margin settings. When you're ready to perform the first two folds it's a good idea to check the width of the central area against an actual CD.


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