Speak Now or Forever Hold Your Peace

Storytellers, patriots, beatniks, rednecks, zealots, activists, dreamers, poets, actors who can't sing, politicians, fans, commentators, and psychos. They all talk. And they do it to music.

I'm not sure exactly what to call this genre--spoken word is the closest, I suppose. Many of these tracks are amusing, a few intentionally so. Although much of the material here is a freak show, there is occasional talent, such as Ken Nordine. Some of the recordings are from my own vinyl, but the majority are from other sources, including 365 Days, Golden Throats, and other compilations.

volume one

1 The Americans Gordon Sinclair
2 An American's Answer (To Gordon Sinclair) Charles Ashman
3 A European (Speaks Up for the US) Guido Sarducci
4 I've Had It Dave Ballard
5 On Censorship Victor Lundberg
6 What Time Is It? Ken Nordine
7 Goldilox and the Three Bears Jazzbo Collins
8 Rebellion Jack Hammer
9 Cockroach Jack Kerouac
10 Beatnik's Wish Patsy Raye & the Beatniks
11 Mama's Place Bing Day
12 Like, I Love You Edd Byrnes
13 Dog Bob Dorough
14 Ed's Place Horace Heller
15 Paralysed Cal Vale
16 The Drunken Driver Grandpa Joe
17 I Died Today Rodd Keith
18 Bongo, King of the Jungle Dick Kent
19 Music To Watch Girls By John Rydgren
20 Rhinocratic Oaths The Bonzo Dog Doo Dah Band
21 What's Big in England Now? Bongwater
22 Pop Art Poem The Jam
23 The Diamond Mine Higher Elevation
24 There's a Good Earth Out Tonight Mystic Moods Orchestra
25 Just For Today Robert Marshall
26 The Slave Buck Ritchie
27 The Evil Dope Phil Phillips
28 King Heroin James Brown

MP3s and cover art (60-MB ZIP file)

volume two

1 Spleen William Shatner
2 Spock Thoughts Leonard Nimoy
3 What Is Love? Anthony Quinn
4 Try a Little Tenderness Jack Webb
5 The Sound of Silence 101 Strings Orchestra
6 Like a Rolling Stone Sebastian Cabot
7 Like a Bridge Over Troubled Water Sam Ervin
8 Ruby, Don't Take Your Love to Town Walter Brennan
9 Phantom 309 Red Sovine
10 Viet Nam Blues Dave Dudley
11 A Ballad to George Wallace Roscoe Dean
12 The Tower Johnny Legend
13 Thanks for the Memories, Bear Bryant Virginia Rogers
14 Candy Bars for Elvis Barry Tiffin
15 Why Evel Knievel
16 The Mud Kids Rod McKuen
17 Open Letter to the Older Generation Dick Clark
18 Teenage Bill of Rights Burt Ward
19 Don't Blame the Children Sammy Davis Jr
20 Have You Dug His Scene? Yaphet Kotto
21 Black Woman Jim Ingram
22 It's About Time Dick Jenkins
23 The Gift The Velvet Underground

MP3s and cover art (59-MB ZIP file)

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