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Acabate de Largar
Toñin Ortiz

The title translates as something like The Final Parting, but I think¡Largarse Mujer! would be more appropriate

El Debke
Naif Agby & his Orchestra

This notorious cover is a familar sight to anyone who has ever set foot in a used record store. Its ubiquitousness is right up there with Whipped Cream and Other Delights.

Dare to be Great!
Glenn W. Turner

What is he selling? What is he saying? You'll be on the edge of your seat as you attempt to comprehend the garbled words of wisdom from this harelipped motivational speaker.

Lenny Dee

A fine depiction of paradise. Cool organ music with loads of reverb. I think Lenny played for all the sports events at the Garden back in the 50's.

Physical Fitness Exercises for Girls

I don't know why this one appeals. Maybe it's the giantess angle.

The Basic Principles of Kreskin's ESP
The Amazing Kreskin

This is a tie-in for a psychic pendulum he hawked back in the 70s. A great album with hilarious instructions given in a voice way too serious to be taken seriously.

An Accordion in Paris
Dick Contino

Accordion de Paris
Jo Basile

The standard elements for this genre are present in both these covers: moody accordion player with entranced, cigarette-smoking hooker in the background.

Ali and His Gang vs Mr. Tooth Decay
Muhammad Ali & His Gang

The infamous dental hygiene masterpiece. Too bad Ali couldn't get Don Rickles for Mr. Tooth Decay. Howard Cosell narrates (of course).

Phantom 309
Red Sovine

An awesome cover, but Red runs out of luck after the masterful title track.

Preston Love's Omaha Bar-B-Q
Preston Love

Outstanding soul instrumentals, including "Kool Ade," during which a nervous fellow attempting to wash down some spicy chitlins distracts Preston from gettin' it on with his woman. Check out the slab of ribs Preston is brandishing on the cover!

Contour Method of Relaxation

A giveaway with the purchase of a Contour chair (a Lazy Boy precursor). The velvet-voiced narrator gives painfully detailed instructions on how to sit in your chair and relax.

Erotic Percussion

The cover is the attraction here, but check out the sister release, "Percussion for Playboys," for a great, eclectic mix of jazzy lounge tunes.

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